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Media relations will be a large focus during our engagement. Crafting press releases, writing pitches and scheduling interviews with leading media will help us achieve our goals of raising awareness and credibility.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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MATTIO has a dedicated team to help clients navigate the unique social media landscape of the cannabis industry.


Bangkok, Thailand - November 11, 2019: Instagram app shows the number of likes.

MATTIO has a dedicated team to help clients navigate the unique social media landscape of the cannabis industry.


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Influencer Marketing at MATTIO takes a strategic, holistic approach utilizing our extensive network of influencer partners.


Kumamoto, JAPAN - Jul 1 2021 : Closeup logo of BuzzFeed, an US Internet media news and entertainment company specialized in digital media, on its website (

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The Achilles Heal of good marketing – great creative


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Even the best advertising can go unrewarded without the proper marketing funnel to engage and convert customers.


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In this highly regulated market, you may find yourself asking this question.


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Our Strategy Team is at the base of everything we do.