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The cannabis space is different. In a highly regulated environment, marketing can feel like pulling teeth. Have no fear we are here to help. After managing millions of dollars of Ad Spend for the industry’s most notable brands. We have learned what works, what doesn’t and how to build brand loyalty. We know the secret sauce and have decided it was time to provide best-in-class performance marketing to brands of all shapes and sizes because they deserve it.

Meet the founders

Founded by two of the most successful cannabis marketers in the nation, Madison Fiore and Rosie Mattio, MATTIO+FIORE Media is quickly becoming the go-to paid media and performance marketing agency in cannabis.

Over the past five years, CEO and Founder Madison Fiore has worked with some of the most successful cannabis and CBD brands in the U.S., executing million-dollar advertising campaigns on their behalf. He has spoken at events nationwide and been published by Forbes, Benzinga, and many others. In his previous role as Head of Growth at Hawke Media, Fiore increased the agency’s annual recurring revenue by 1,300 percent between 2017 and 2021.

Co-Founder Rosie Mattio is the current CEO and Founder of MATTIO Communications, which is widely recognized as the top cannabis marketing agency in North America.

Madison Fiore
Founder & CEO
Rosie Mattio

Our Team

Ben Petraglia
Head of Services + Advisor
Ash Gonzalez
Director of Strategy & Media Buying
Adrian (AJ) Vigil
Growth Manager
Ann Ivazov
Marketing Assistant

Our "Why"

We think cannabis can change the world in a great way. Both medicinally and recreationally, we think cannabis can impact our society in an incredibly meaningful way and we want to be a catalyst for that change.

One Team, One Dream

We truly try to live by the One Team, One Dream mentality and we are committed to enjoying ourselves along the way. With our HQ based one block from the beach in Venice, California, we get to work in one of the most creative neighborhoods in the world. Every day we get to work with and among some of the brightest and most creative minds in the world. Living a life after almost a year-long quarantine is different for everyone but we love getting to work together in an amazing atmosphere daily. On top of that, California is set to be the most meaningful location for the cannabis industry for the next decade, so where better to build the most passionate team in the world?


MATTIO Communications, our sister agency, works with the most successful cannabis companies in the world. MATTIO specializes in bringing awareness to brands with unique visions and voices. They use their well-honed communication skills, industry knowledge, and creative muscle to drive conversations, shape perceptions, and help clients achieve ambitious business goals. Together MATTIO+FIORE aim to be the strongest full service cannabis marketing agency available.


The FIORE side of MATTIO+FIORE is precisely focused on Growth Marketing –  Growth Strategy, Paid Media, Email+SMS, and creating award-winning creative campaigns to wrap up all together.

What is Growth Marketing? It’s essentially data-focused marketing with attention on two key metrics: CAC (customer acquisition cost) v. LTV (lifetime value). Each of our clients get access to a MF Dashboard with key metrics from each corner of your marketing mix to help make sure you’re growing, profitably.


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